What’s Offered?

The goal of NannyU is to provide an interactive learning community, not just a collection of classes. To that end, this site features several different types of learning opportunities plus a variety of ways to connect with and get support from trainers and other students.

For a list of the specific classes available, check out the nanny, parent, and agency pages.

Individual Classes
• Video classes are available through Vimeo, a premium video service, and can be viewed on any device with an internet connection.
• They’re usually 1 to 1.5 hours long, although there are some extended sessions that are 3 to 5 hours long. Longer sessions are broken down into smaller segments within your learning dashboard so you can work through them at a comfortable pace.
• They come with a detailed handout and/or a PDF of the slide show.
• Many also include a separate audio file of the class so you can download it and listen on your phone or ipod without the need for an internet connection.

Class Series
NannyU offers several series where a larger topic (e.g. Positive Discipline, job search skills) is broken down into multiple classes and each class builds upon the previous one. The series are a combination of video classes and audio classes and each student gets personalized support through live group coaching calls and private discussion groups.

Private Podcast
Each month I’ll release 1 or 2 private podcasts. These podcasts aren’t classes in the traditional sense but you’ll definitely learn through nanny experience stories, interviews with industry experts, conversations around industry trends, and whatever else pops up!

Private Discussion Group
NannyU offers a facebook discussion group for members. These groups are a an easy way to connect with trainers and other students whenever it’s convenient for you.

Have another idea? Please let me know! I want NannyU to be YOUR learning community and would love to hear your ideas about how to make it better.