The Phenomenal Nanny Event

Discover.  Empower.  Ignite.

A nanny job isn’t simply about caring for kids or bringing home a paycheck.  It is soul work.  Whether you do it for a few years or decades, It is an intimate experience that touches your life in innumerable and often surprising ways and leaves a forever imprint on your heart.  I’ve created a day centered around that shared experience and I invite you to join me as we celebrate, connect, and learn together. 

This experiential, interactive day will focus on three essential elements that are key to your success no matter where you are in your nanny journey: branding, match making, and relationship building. 

Through lecture and discussion, individual exercises along with partner and group work, you’ll access expertise, coaching, exclusive resources and tools, and peer learning and support all in one day.  Unlike typical conferences where you jump from topic to topic throughout the day, Phenomenal Nanny allows you to take a deep dive into your nanny practice while providing you with advanced, real world knowledge and skills you can put to work immediately.

Let’s look at the three elements we’ll be working with. 

Although all nannies work under the same job title, there’s a vast difference in how individual caregivers approach the work.  You bring your own style, ideas, beliefs, knowledge, values, and passions to the children you care for and the parents you support.  That unique amalgam creates your nanny brand.  But effectively defining and using your brand is a big challenge.  In this segment you’ll flesh out your nanny brand and learn practical strategies for using it in your daily work and as a powerful screening and selling tool in your next job search. 

Match Making
I can’t think of a job where finding the right employer match is more important than it is in the nanny world.  Your happiness and on-the-job success directly correlates to how well you and the parents align in a number of areas.  In this segment my exclusive nanny match inventory will help you identify the factors that are most important to you and see how those factors show up (or fail to show up!) in an employer’s parenting philosophy, employer style, and home environment.  You’ll also learn how to customize your cover letter, resume, and portfolio and create an interview strategy based on your insights, refining and deepening your ability to recognize that “just right” family and avoid those that just don’t meet the mark.  But match making isn’t just important for the job seeker.  We’ll dive into how understanding the areas where you and your current nanny family aren’t fully aligned helps you develop strategies for better communication and bridging the gap in those areas. 

Relationship Building
Like every relationship, the nanny / parent relationship requires care and tending in order to grown and remain strong and resilient.  In this segment we’ll tackle the unique challenges of the nanny / parent relationship and you’ll learn tried and true tools and techniques for raising your communication confidence and competence.  We’ll also delve into the growing trend of stay-at-home or work-from-home parents and you’ll learn real world strategies for making it work.  (I know, I know.  It’s hard but it CAN work and we’ll look at how.) 

This event is unlike anything I’ve ever done before.  It brings together my commitment to quality nanny care, my passion for training, and my belief that connection to other nannies in your local area is a one-of-a-kind source of friendship, support, and learning.   I hope you join me at your local Phenomenal Nanny event!  

This limited seating event is reserved for nannies that have 3 or more years of nanny experience, a working knowledge of child development, and a positive view of nanny care work.  Please make sure that description fits you.  If it doesn’t but you feel you’d still fit well into this class, email me at and we can discuss options.