Connection Centered Discipline

Connection Centered Discipline is a hybrid approach built on the core concepts of Positive Discipline, infused with evidence-based strategies from child development, neuroscience, positive psychology, and other related fields, and woven together with child-focused positive communication and conflict resolution skills.  The online, on demand Connection Centered Discipline Series focuses on helping parents and caregivers handle the myriad of challenging behaviors that come up with kids from toddler to teen.

Who should attend?
Parents and caregivers who want to…
**  learn tried and true, effective tools and strategies for handling discipline issues in a way that supports how kids learn best.

**  become more skilled at identifying and working with the “why” behind challenging behaviors in order to make long-term and lasting changes in kids’ attitudes and actions.

**  learn successful strategies for defusing sibling rivalry and ways to teach kids real world problem solving skills.

**  master the art of encouragement, focusing on effort and improvement, and let go of the habit of empty praise.

**  understand how to ground discipline decisions in the three aspects of respect: respect for the child, respect for the adult, and respect for the situation. 

**  become more intentional and purposeful in their words, actions and reactions.

What makes this program so effective in helping parents and caregivers make real changes in their discipline approach?

It works with all ages and all types of kids.  Really.  Positive Discipline is an internationally recognized approach that has hundreds of thousands of fans and is used in homes, churches, and schools around the world with kids from toddlers to teens. There are over 35 published Positive Discipline books dedicated to every age group, family situation and unique challenge including children with special needs.  Whatever your challenge is, Positive Discipline offers a solution that works.  

It’s a balanced approach. Because it focuses on connection, cooperation, respect, kindness, and encouragement without being permissive or indulgent, it’s the perfect balance between Kumbaya and “It’s my way or the highway!” parenting. 

Adults are in charge.  The recent shift towards positive and respectful parenting has given parents and caregivers a new way of thinking about discipline and new strategies for handling challenging behaviors.  But it’s also left a lot of adults confused about their role as they move away from the old “Because I said so!” role. This program gives you real world guidance on how to balance giving kids the space to develop essential skills while setting age-appropriate, consistent expectations and limits. 

It meets you where you are.  If you’re new to Positive Discipline, this training will teach you an effective step-by-step approach that will equip you to handle whatever discipline issues come up.  If you’re currently using Positive Discipline, this training will deepen your understanding and practice of the approach and give you fresh ideas on how to handle challenging behaviors and ages and stages transitions.

It helps you put ideas into action.  It’s easy to read a book or watch a video and nod your head in agreement with the new ideas presented.  It’s a lot harder to put those ideas into practice.  This training supports you in two big ways.  The videos tackle the common stumbling blocks people have around the ideas of Connection Centered Discipline – for example “If I don’t punish my kids, how will they learn right from wrong?” – and the group calls and discussion group provide personalized coaching on putting the ideas, tools, and strategies into practice in your everyday life. 

Sessions Included
Core Concepts of Positive Discipline
We’ll kick off the series by learning the big ideas behind Connection Centered Parenting and Caregiving.  You’ll see how the approach can transform the way you and your children engage with each other, and can help you create a peaceful, relaxed, connected home environment. 

The Magic of Connection
Connection is a popular buzz word in the parenting community but what does it really mean?  How does it show up in everyday life?  How do you stay connected in challenging times?  In this session you’ll learn a variety of strategies for connecting with your kids and why it’s the underpinning of successful parenting and caregiving.

Understanding and Taming Temper Tantrums
If you struggle with a child that melts down in dramatic fashion (and who doesn’t?) then this session will help you see behind the curtain to understand why kids have tantrums, learn to effectively deal with them in the moment, and be proactive so they happen less and less.

Helping Your Child Manage Big Emotions
One of our biggest jobs is to teach our kids emotional regulation; a set of skills integral to emotional intelligence, good mental health, healthy relationships, and overall happiness and success.  This session focuses on how to teach your child to effectively manage his emotions without being paralyzed or overwhelmed by them, and to take positive actions in spite of negative feelings.

Setting Limits Your Kids Will Respect
It’s our job to set appropriate boundaries and limits with our kids.  But let’s be honest, that’s tougher to do when using a positive approach, even though the payoff is well worth the extra effort.  In this session, you’ll learn the language and logic behind setting effective expectations, limits, and boundaries. 

Alternatives to Punishments That Really Work
The idea of letting go of punishment is one of the hardest Positive Discipline ideas to embrace.  The assumption that punishment is the only or best way to teach life lessons is deeply ingrained in each of us.  Learning a new way of thinking and acting is a challenge.  In this session you’ll get lots of real world ideas on how to put that new thinking into practice.     

Getting Kids To Cooperate Without Bribes,  Threats, Or Punishments
Imagine your toddler cheerfully helping you clean up the playroom before dinner.  Or your 2nd grader putting down the i-pad to start on homework without a full blown meltdown.  Or your tween taking out the trash without being nagged.  These can be real scenarios in your home.  In this session you’ll learn the magic behind teaming up with your kids to create a cooperative relationship and home environment.   

Discovering Your Best Parenting or Caregiving Self
Raising (or helping to raise) kids will push every emotional button you have.  It can be defeating or it can be an opportunity to gently explore and work through the feelings underneath the triggers.  In this session you’ll have the opportunity to explore how your life experiences shaped your current approach and I’ll share some of my favorite tools for becoming more self-aware and intentional around your relationship and interactions with your kids. 

Connection Centered Discipline Nanny Certification
If you’re a nanny and would like access to two additional sessions and bonus resources geared towards putting the approach into action on your job and creating a collaborative, mutually supportive relationship with your employers, make sure you add on the certification option below. You’ll learn proven nanny / family team building strategies and receive  additional certificate of completion.   

How the Class Works

The winter 2021 session starts on February 5th and ends on June 6th, 2021.   During that time, you’ll have 24/7 on demand access to all the video, audio, and written resources along with priority access to coaching through our group calls and discussion group.  After the session ends, you’ll continue to have lifetime access to all the video, audio, and written resources and standard access to coaching through the group calls and discussion group.  No matter what your schedule or what pace you’re comfortable working at, this training will fit your needs.

This class features 8 on demand lessons which are accessible 24/7. Each lesson includes a video. and detailed handout.  You can watch or listen whenever it’s convenient for you.

All video recordings will be available through Vimeo, a premium service that supports all devices including Apple products. 

Group Coaching Calls
There will be 2 to 6 calls scheduled each month depending upon members’ needs so you’ll have the opportunity to “meet” me and other classmates in a live format to review and discuss lesson material, to fine tune the new skills you’re learning, and see how Connection Centered ideas and tools look in real world situations. These calls will be recorded and available for replay if we discuss a topic that would be helpful to the general group.  Attending group coaching calls are not mandatory to receive your certificate of completion however they are a valuable resource.   

I know everyone’s schedule is crazy busy so I schedule the calls based on the day / time preferences of those that want to attend so no matter what your schedule is, you’ll have the live, personal support you need to be successful in this course!   

Facebook Discussion Group
You’ll also have access to a private discussion group. Here you can ask questions, share resources, and get support as you put to work the many things you’re learning.  


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