Becoming a Top Notch Family Assistant

The household staffing field continues to grow by leaps and bounds and the need for qualified family assistants continues to grow. Many of today’s families don’t need a traditional nanny or a full-time housekeeper, personal chef, household manager, or personal assistant. Instead they need someone who can perform key tasks from those roles, creating a hybrid job description that meets the family’s unique needs.

This training is for you if…
• you want to set yourself apart from your competition in this growing market.
• you want to earn a higher wage and enjoy long-term job security.
• you’re a nanny who wants to stay with your current family for years to come even as your kids head into preschool or school.
• you love being a nanny but you’re ready for a change. You want a learn a new way to put all the household skills to use.

The 7 Lessons Included In The Series

Introduction to Working as a Family Assistant
This session will introduce you to the ins and outs of a family assistant position including the unique advantages and challenges of the job.

Essential Skills of the Family Assistant
Although every job is different, there are common skills that most family assistants need. We’ll take a detailed look at those skills and explore real world strategies for filling in any skill or experience gaps you may have.

older kids 300 X 300Working With Older Kids
In most family assistant positions, you’ll be working with the school aged set. In this session, we take a look at tried and true tools for connecting with older kids – even when they’re in school for most of your shift – and for handling common behavior challenges.

Creating a Long Term, Successful Relationship with Your Employers

A good relationship with your employers is essential to being happy on the job. In this session you’ll learn tried and true techniques for understanding and working with your employers’ style, setting and maintaining real world boundaries to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed and burnt out.

Developing a Job Description and Contract That Works for You and Your Family
Since there is no “standard’ family assistant position, it’s up to you to ensure that you have a clear, fair, and balanced job description and contract without sacrificing the flexibility your employers hired you for. This session will walk you through customizing your job description and contract to align with the needs and wants of both you and your employer.

Managing Other Household Staffers and Vendors
Part of every family assistant’s job including working effectively with other staff members and vendors. This session will help you hone your communication and management skills while maintaining your unique ststand-out-from-the-crowdyle.

The Insider’s Guide to Getting Hired
This session will focus on using all that you’ve learned to land you your next great family assistant job! We’ll walk through your family assistant resume and portfolio, interviewing, and finding the right match.  And you’ll have plenty of time in the discussion group to customize everything to fit your unique needs!  

How the Class Works
The class is currently on demand  through the summer.  During that time, you’ll have 24/7 on demand access to all the video, audio, and written resources along with priority access to coaching through our group calls and discussion group.  After the session ends, you’ll continue to have lifetime access to all the video, audio, and written resources and standard access to coaching through the group calls and discussion group.  No matter what your schedule or what pace you’re comfortable working at, this training will fit your needs.

This class features 7 on demand lessons which are accessible 24/7. Each lesson includes a video. and detailed handout.  You can watch or listen whenever it’s convenient for you.

All video recordings will be available through Vimeo, a premium service that supports all devices including Apple products. 

Group Coaching Calls
During the summer, group calls are scheduled based on the students needs.  In these calls, you’ll have the opportunity to “meet” me and other classmates in a live format to review and discuss lesson material, to fine tune the new skills you’re learning, and see how Becoming a Top Notch Family Assistant ideas and tools look in real world situations. These calls will be recorded and available for replay if we discuss a topic that would be helpful to the general group.  Attending group coaching calls are not mandatory to receive your certificate of completion however they are a valuable resource.  

Facebook Discussion Group
You’ll also have access to a private discussion group. Here you can ask questions, share resources, and get support as you put to work the many things you’re learning.  

Certificate of Completion
Through the new Learn Dash platform, you’ll be able to print a customized certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Becoming a Top Notch Family Assistant is $295 for:
*  7 on demand video lessons with accompanying handout
*  group coaching calls to give you the individual support you need to be successful
*  exclusive discussion group for students
*  bonus content like
interviews with successful family assistants and agencies who specializes in placement of family assistants to give you real world information around the role

All registrations are final.