The household staffing field continues to grow by leaps and bounds and the need for qualified family assistants is booming.  Many of today’s families don’t need a traditional nanny or a full-time housekeeper, personal chef, household manager, or personal assistant. Instead they need someone who can perform key tasks from those roles, creating a hybrid job description that meets the family’s unique needs. 

The restrictions of COVID have introduced a whole new demographic of families and individuals to the value and convenience of an in-home professional that can perform a variety of tasks.  What began as a temporary band-aid to a short term emergency has become a permanent expansion of an already thriving field. 

The winter 2022 course of Becoming a Top Notch Family Assistant has been updated and expanded to reflect all the changes that have happened over the last few years, including navigating the new nanny / family assistant super-sized jobs and working effectively with first time employers who don’t understand the ins and outs of having a professional work in their home.  The 2022 course readies students to successfully meet the needs of today’s industry and take full advantage of the increased opportunities available. 

This training is for you if…

  • you’re a nanny who wants to stay with your current family for years to come even as your kids head into preschool or school.
  • you’re considering or have taken a job nannying younger kids and working as the family assistant.
  • you love being a nanny but you’re ready for a new challenge. You want a learn a new way to put all your household skills to use.
  • you have solid home-related skills and want to see how to put them into action in a well paid job.
  • you want to understand the role of family assistant better so you can advocate for yourself around wages, benefits, job responsibilities, and other unique aspects of the job.
  • you want to set yourself apart from your competition in this growing market.
  • you want to earn a higher wage and enjoy long-term job security.

The 8 Lessons Included in The Series

Introduction to Working as a Family Assistant
This lesson will introduce you to the ins and outs of a family assistant position including the unique advantages and challenges of the job.

Essential Skills of the Family Assistant
Although every job is different, there are common skills that all family assistants need. We’ll take a detailed look at those skills, unpack what additional skills are needed for niche jobs, and explore real world strategies for filling in any skill or experience gaps you may have.

Navigating the New Trend of Nanny / Family Assistant Super Sized Jobs
Traditionally, family assistants have worked with older kids, leaving school hours open for the bulk of non-childcare related tasks.  Today, an increasing number of families are looking for a nanny to provide full-charge care to younger children while taking on the role of family assistant, creating one “super-sized” job.  Some agencies and parents label these positions as nanny / family assistant or nanny managers.  Whatever label is used, it’s clear they’re uniquely demanding and can challenge even the most committed and talented professional. 

In this lesson, we’ll look at how to advocate for yourself with agencies placing in these positions, work with a family to create a doable, fair job description, determine how much is too much and find creative solutions to gaps in coverage or services, balance high-quality nanny care with all the other demands of the position, and firmly and fairly set professional boundaries to avoid the low quality performance that comes with overwhelm and burnout.

Creating a Long Term, Successful Relationship with Your Employers
A good relationship with your employers is essential to being happy in your job. In this lesson, you’ll learn the must-have elements of a positive employment relationship, tried and true techniques for understanding and working with your employers’ unique style, strategies for helping first-time employers acclimate to having a professional work in their home, and the art of balancing a pitch-in attitude with healthy, professional boundaries. 

Developing a Job Description and Contract That Works for You and Your Family
Since there is no “standard’ family assistant position, it’s up to you to ensure that you have a clear, fair, and balanced job description and contract without sacrificing the flexibility your employers hired you for. This lesson will walk you through customizing your job description and contract to align with the needs and wants of both you and your employer.

Developing Your Soft Skills: The Secret to a Top Notch Family Assistant
You can be a scheduling ninja, a master chef, an organizational guru, or a brilliant tutor and you can still struggle to be an excellent family assistant.  Soft skills, those often related to people rather than tasks, are the glue that hold everything together.  Your ability to effectively navigate relationships with your employers, the kids, extended family, other household staff, venders, and even the guy you see every week at the fish market impacts how well you do your job. 

In this lesson, we’ll look at the three soft skills that are most helpful to family assistants: effective communication, conflict resolution, and leadership.  You’ll develop and hone your skills in each area and see how they’re used in common situations.  

Best Practices When Working with Household Staff and Vendors
Part of almost every family assistant’s job including working effectively with other staff members and vendors like the handyman, the contractor, or the caterer. This lesson will focus on understanding the nuts and bolts of working with those professionals and the processes and strategies for creating a collaborative environment and fostering relationships.

The Insider’s Guide to Getting Hired
This lesson will focus on using all that you’ve learned in the course to land you your next great family assistant job! We’ll walk through your family assistant resume and portfolio, interviewing, and finding the right match.  And you’ll have plenty of time in the discussion group to customize everything to fit your unique needs.

How the Class Works

The winter 2022 course will begin on Monday, February 14th and end on Sunday, July 31st, 2022.  During that time, you’ll have 24/7 on demand access to all the video, audio, and written resources along with priority access to coaching through the Volley app and facebook discussion group.  After the course ends, you’ll continue to have lifetime access to all the video, audio, and written resources and standard access to coaching.  No matter what your schedule or what pace you’re comfortable working at, this training will fit your needs.

This class features eight on demand lessons which are accessible 24/7 beginning February 14th, 2022. Each lesson includes a video and detailed handout.  You can watch or listen whenever it’s convenient for you.

All video recordings will be available through Vimeo, a premium service that supports all devices. 

Throughout the 6 months of the course, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with me and your classmates through Volley, a video communication app. You’ll be able to review and discuss lesson material, to fine tune the new skills you’re learning, and see how the course’s ideas, strategies, and tools look in real world situations. 

Volley is a new addition to the course and I’m excited about the way it will increase community inclusion and engagement and transform the type of coaching and support I’m able to provide.  Instead of requiring you to be available on a set date at a set time to connect with me and your classmates through a group call, Volley will allow you to send a video message to the group whenever it works for you and allow those that want to respond, to respond whenever it works for them.  While having breakfast, during a break, after work, after the kids are in bed, whenever and without interruptions.  For those that don’t want to respond, they can just skip it.  Being able to hear your questions and verbally respond to them within my always changing schedule will allow me to reply faster, in more detail, and follow up effectively.  In short, Volley will allow me to be a more responsive coach and create a stronger learning community.

Participating in coaching is not mandatory to receive your certificate of completion however it is a valuable resource. 

Facebook Discussion Group
You’ll also have access to a private discussion group. Here you can connect with former and current students to ask questions, share resources, and get support as you put to work the many things you’re learning. 

Certificate of Completion
Once you’ve finished the course, you’ll be able to print a customized certificate of completion from your dashboard.

Becoming a Top Notch Family Assistant is $295 for:

  • eight on demand video lessons with accompanying handout
  • exclusive access to our Becoming a Top Notch Family Assistant learning space on the Volley app where you can be part of our community and get the individual coaching and support you need to be successful.
  • exclusive discussion group that includes former and current students.
  • bonus content like interviews with successful family assistants and agencies who specializes in placement of family assistants to give you a variety of insights and perspective around the role. 

All registrations are final.