Working With Older Kids


Tried and true strategies for building strong relationships and managing challenging behaviors.


Tried and True Strategies for Building Strong Relationships and Managing Challenging Behaviors presented by Sue Downey

If you’re working with the 3rd to 12th grade crowd, you know it’s very different than caring for younger kids. And while there are tons of resources for children 0 to 8 years old, the resources get fewer and fewer as kids get older. So don’t miss this great resource developed just for you!

In this session Sue will offer tried and true strategies for:
• understanding the unique developmental stages of school-aged to young adulthood.
• connecting with older kids even when you’re spending a limited amount of time with them (and usually in the car!).
• handling the tough questions and topics that come up.
• inspiring cooperation around chores, homework, and schedules.
• dealing with challenging behaviors like selective hearing, defiance of basic rules, and of course the “everything you do and say is wrong” attitude.
• working within the limits that parents place on how much control you have over daily choices and activities.
• providing fun, educational activities because providing a home learning environment is still part of the job.

Join and get some fresh, effective ideas for being successful with older kids.